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318 Loader

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I'm wanting to add a loader to my 318. Right now leaning towards the Buford bucket, but wanted some opinions, feedback, options. Thanks for any insight you may have. If you have pictures or links to other versions please post them up for me. Thanks!
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x3 or 4 lost count on the Buford mini loader.
If you want a full size loader then there are other options.
If you want a quick attach mini loader that will lift to the tailgate of a normal size pick up then the Buford is the way to go.
I think the ORBilt may be similar but the Buford is made by one guy and if there is an issue you deal with one guy.
He stands behind his product.Super nice guy to do business with.
He met me a couple hours from his house to deliver it as well to save me on shipping.
Dropped another 100 for me to paint it myself.
I was on a budget and he worked with me.
I can't rave enough about it.I have dug a ditch with it and moved rocks and leveled a spot next door and moved a large brush pile behind my house.
I bought the extra tooth bar and forks for it.
Excellent mini loader that I highly recommend.



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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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