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318 is hard restarting after running 20 minutes or more.

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My well cared for 318 is hard restarting after running 20 minutes or more. Fresh gas with sea foam and clean gas filter.
Prior to the last oil change, I added the proper amount of sea foam to the oil and then drained it.
Should I pull the plugs a give them an eyeball or just change them?
Onan P218
556 hours
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Replace the pluge.Old Plugs tend to get week, If that don't do the trick Take the air cleaner off. Remove the Air filter Housing 3 #8 screws 2 #10 screws. Remove the chock &throttle cable, Remove the top of the carb. Lift it Strieght up So the float pin will not fall out, Lay it on your 12 pac of BUD , then you'll find it again;;Now take a Couple paper towels and remove all the gas and sediament that has accumalated in the bottom of the carb, Now carefully remove the jet that is streaght down near the front side of the carb, You will problely find a littli piece on dirt or carbon in it I At this time carefully blow it all out including the Jet; With care Put it back togather , Check your air cleaner, It can never be to clean, However dirty Makes the engine run ritch and may wash the cylinders and lead to premature engine Falure. As I have stated in prior posts I service John Deeres and it is not uncommon to see 3500 hours on that engine, And still runs like new, I have also seen some with 450 hours that were ready for the junk Yard, Also I do NOT use Carb-out , Gum-out, Sea-foam, If It's dirty take it apart and Clean it; Good luck. Taken care of the 318/onan will last many years.. OH some times the coil gets weak when warm. you never stated what year you have.
Changed the plugs and there is an improvement. Next, I’ll clean the carburetor.
Thanks for the help!
BTW, it’s a 1989.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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