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318 hydraulic leak troubleshooting

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Need some help troubleshooting 2 hydraulic leaks. These leaks showed up when I started using my new Buford Bucket and 3 point weight bucket.
Leak #1 leaves fluid on the ground when I park it. No much so I think the leak is mainly when I am actively using the front bucket. It lost about 1 qt of fluid after 1 hour of bucket use. It is not leaking at the filter or any of the hose hook up connectors. The underside of the control unit was wet so I wiped it down to see if I could see evidence of a leak. I exercised the hydraulics a few times and then shut it down. Nothing showed up while sitting still so I will need to check it more closely after using the bucket for a few minutes.
Leak #2 is related to my 3 point hitch with a weight bucket on it. Will not stay in up position. Over a few minutes, the weight bucket will drop to lowest position. No external evidence of a rock shaft cylinder external leak so I am guessing it is an internal leak somewhere.
Do not know if leak #1 and #2 are related or if they showed up when I started using hydraulics not previously use until I installed the bucket and 3 point.

Another "difference" is that I sometimes have a bit of forward creep now even when the control lever is in neutral. Did not have that previously. Can a low fluid condition cause that?

Any suggestion on trouble shooting this problem? I hate that thought of tearing everything apart to work on the hydraulic control unit since everything else is in the way.
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The leak is very close to the valve set. That is the wet area and appears to be the source of fluid. I am hoping that both leaks are related. If the leak is one of the connections to the valve set, is it just a matter of tightening up the connections (assuming it is not a pin hole in a tube)?
I suspect this leak has been around since I bought this 318 because that area was very dirty and had collected a lot of oil/dirt. However, it did not show up as a major issue until I added the front bucket and weight via 3PH to jack up the pressure on those lines.
I can lift the front bucket and it will hold. However, if I lift weight with the 3PH, it will leak back down. As a result, I suspect the leak is in the lines to the rock shaft cylinder. I will load up some weight on the 3PH and see if that shows up a leak.
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