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318 B43G cranking but not enough

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Hey, I have a 318 with the B43G . I haven't started the 318 for about 6 months, so I charged the 2 year old battery. It cranks well for about 4-5 seconds, but then needs charged again. I know it takes many cranks to get fuel to the carb. Can I just remove my car battery and jump the 318 battery using heavy jumper cables? Or should I remove the 318 battery and hook up the car battery directly? The tractor is located where I can't get the car along side to jump with the car running. Any help appreciated.
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You can jump it with your car battery. I would do that because once it's running you can remove the cables and drive it. The only reason you'd need to remove the battery is if it was defective with an internal short or bad cell. It sounds like it's just dead and should take a jump fine.
Guys always like tools so why not go out and buy a jumper pack?
It can be used on cars too.

Dave ----
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Thanks for response guys. Yea fuzz, I do have one of those but it doesn't crank very long (at least mine doesn't).

I'm getting loud click when trying to crank, so I dug up an old post here about the possibility of a relay kit.

It does crank after a few tries, but not for very long, so I'm wondering about the relay.

Thanks again, Marty
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Wow second post today,do the relay,do it cheap,Auto Zone has a horn relay and a diagram showing which wires go where.One wire to ground,one to pos battery,cut the red wire from the selonoid,one end goes to relay,the other end also goes to relay
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