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317 Value

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I have an opportunity to buy a 317 H3 in non running condition. The seller has been putting it together for the last year, then recently bought a 322 instead and decided to sell this. I don't need another tractor, I was considering picking it up and finishing it to sell. It is obviously not original with H3 not that there is any collector value to these.

Question is, what is a 317 like this worth in running condition? Lately I've been way off on what thins are worth so I would love to hear what other people think.

Here are some pics & the sellers ad.

Land vehicle Tractor Vehicle Agricultural machinery Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Tractor Motor vehicle Agricultural machinery

1982 John Deere 317
$800 OBO
H3 hydraulic swap has been done, and the tractor does have the rear hydraulic kit on it
Comes with a deck, and a mule drive, as well as the side shields, battery tray, anything else that no pictured, and some spare parts from another 317 I used to put this one together.
KT17 Series 2 is on the tractor but needs to be finished being put back together.
The original KT17 had bad oil rings, and is partially disassembled, however is also included with the tractor.
All new steering bushings, and steering joints, new 4-ply front tires, new propeller shaft, new ignition switch, new genuine JD seat cover, and lots of other new parts on both the tractor, deck, and mule drive.
i was in the process of mechanically restoring this tractor, and have well over the asking price in it in parts alone. I ended up getting a 322 that fit my needs and its time to let this one.
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I'd buy that in a second. I want one soo bad, but none available here in central Texas. Just need to mow & move some dirt around along with maintaining gravel driveway. That's why I'm hot-rodding my L120 (big engine & K66) because that's all I have to work with right now.
I guess you northerners have the lot of these "good" tractors having to shove snow around all year. Down south, we may require they come equipped with drink holders.
It makes me wonder why he wouldn't or can't get it running. I am sure that would double the price.
Non running, I would offer $500
It makes me wonder why he wouldn't or can't get it running. I am sure that would double the price.
Non running, I would offer $500
Being way out in the country in central Texas, I wonder how many of these 318's & 400's are back in a barn collecting dust? Probably not very many.
I talked to the seller & he was willing to move on price but not very much so I declined. I have actually dealt with him before & bought my loader tractor from him.
Although you've declined it, location has a lot to do with price. A non-running 317 in PA would be lucky to get $450 to $500. Maybe the H3 mod would add $100 - $150 with the rear hydro kit.
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