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317 specs

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Hi guys I am a newbie here and looking for some advice. I need to know the dimensions of a 317 with a 50'' deck.

Meaning the length and width of this machine including the deck...any help is appreciated..

Thanks !!
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:sorry1: I got a 46" deck and at this time it is off.:trink40:
Length would be the same I would think.
Dimensions excluding deck
Width Overall 42.5 inches
Length Overall 69 inches
Height Overall 44 inches
Wheelbase 46 inches
Weight Overall 700LBs for tractor itself

For deck Plan between 52 to 54inches wide with the deflector up if It actually a 50inch deck:thThumbsU
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thanks guys..

It is a 50'' deck...machine will be dropped off tomorrow and I am going to purchase it as long as it fits in the garage..!!:thanku:

$700....not too shabby and I have a snow plow...chains and weights for it already !!
I have a snow plow...chains and weights for it already !!

I certainly hope that you never get a chance to try out either for the next couple of years! Now, the mowing deck, that's a different story...
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cant wait...its xmas morning...9 am is slowly coming...

What ever series motor it has I am sure you will enjoy it.
Congrats on your new tool.
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