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317 PTO trouble

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The engine dies whenever I throw on the PTO switch. I have checked out everything I can think of. The PTO switch is Ok, seat switch ok. I removed the pulley from the PTO and turned it on and it did not kill the engine, The coil magnetizes fine. Any ideas?
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Your PTO wire is most likely grounding out somewhere - follow it back to where it comes out behind the pulley. Mine had a small "holder" that had rubbed the insulation off the PTO wire up near the front of the tractor and it exhibited the same troubles.
Dies meaning just cuts off or comes to a screeching halt.
Poss. the bearings are seized and when the PTO is energized the engine can't overcome the resistance the seized bearing are creating.

Just a thought.
I am going to try to set the clearance as per some info I found on WFM. The bearing is fine - the pulley spins freely. I also have a spare coil I will try. I'll post what happens later this evening.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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