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317 new today

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This is my 317 that I just got today. It has the series 2 engine...thank god..:drunkie:. It was running very well, however it now will not idle correctly without having more than half choke....maybe some crap in the carb..?? fuel filter ??...water in the gas ??.....time will tell.

The deck is a 50'', it will need spindle bearings throughout the deck. The lighting harness for the headlights was removed at one time also.

It came with a snow blower also, JDpart #M00338X and it does not fit this machine....anyone know what the blower will fit ?? Can it be made to fit ??

Not bad for $700.00 and delivered.

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Nice 317! Could be dirty carb, fuel filter, or filter in the Tank. Also could be a air leak around the carb causing too much air to get in. More likely dirt in the fuel system tho.:fing32:
Here is what I need guys to make it complete:

Parking brake black knob
Battery hold down bracket
One rear taillight lens
The head light wiring harness
Belt guard for a 50'' deck and discard chute

can ya help a guy out ?

Put a For Sale/Wanted to Buy thread in about what you need and all those guys that might have those parts will see it.
Put it in this Forum.
For Sale & Wanted to Buy (Your Location)
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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