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316 Pics

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Hey guys,
I just finished putting my 316 back together today. It was almost a complete redo. The engine short block and transmission were left alone. Other than that,every gasket,bearing,seal,bolt,hose,decal (except the deck ones) and most everything electrical was replaced.
The seat is a mess,hence the cover. I going to try and fit my stock 2520 seat to it. I went one size up on the front tires.I think they are going to have to grow on me though. A friend at work painted the seat pan,side covers and hood. I spray bombed everything else.
What you think?



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I saw a pic of one (332) with those tires.
That's where I got the idea.
Hello Ron,
Your tractor is the one I was referring to!:fing32:
OK,let me get this straight. snoyes asked if my fronts cleared.
I also have a 50" deck,and I have stock 6" wide wheels. IMO,the tires look pretty good on 6" wheels. I have plenty of room between the deck and wheels when turned.
Are you saying the problem is with the wider 7" wheel?
As for the larger rears,how close are they to the deck?

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Well I think the theory is that with the skinner rims, the tires are more likely to crown in the middle. Therefore, they will actually stand up taller, and with the larger diameter they would interfere with the deck more than if they were on a wider rim and did not have the crown to them.

I don't know if the deck on the 316 is mounted different, or you may have more clearance. Just turning hard with the stock tires I come pretty close to making contact with the deck, I thought that with the larger diamter tires, I for sure would hit.

Additionally, I thought the rear tires would interfere, and therefore, I decided to go with the smaller tires. As of right now, I am still indecided... Where I currently mow there is tight areas that require some min turning radius to get around.
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Good Morning Guys,

GLC, like Snoyes said, I think that the 332's have a tighter turning radius than a 316 so I believe this is why there is a clearance issue on the front.

Snoyes, the rears at 26" also have a clearance issue as well. I can only lift the deck up about 2-3", then the right rear gauge wheel comes in contact with the tire.

I still have a mounted set of 16" front & 23" rears that I usually use for mowing. I have the 18" & 26" tires mainly for plowing and winter use and there is also the COOL LOOK factor that comes into play here :thThumbsU The added height of these tires give more frame clearance when plowing. Probably hard to understand if you don't plow, but the added 1.5" clearance makes a big difference in the amount of trash ( weeds, corn stubble, ect. ) that can get caught under the frame.

If one does not use their tractor for anything but mowing, I would stick to the original sizes, but that is just my opinion !!

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Very nicely done!
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