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314 shortblock questions

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I have a 314 (exact model/ser numbers not avail right now--- tractor is 30 mi away. All there a lil faded (may actually buff back out w/o a paint job) but nice shape otherwise. Motor is TIRED. but does run. I got it for free!
With what these tractors are selling for, would this be worth a new shortblock if said shortblock could be had for ~$500?

I also have a 214 that I will eventually sacrifice (as in sell; NOT part out), to fund the rebuild of the 314.
I plan on this being my "keeper"; so if I wind up spending a lil more than what "normal" resale price on it, that will be worth it to me to have something that I know where I am at with it as far as what's been done to it, hours, erc. this is not a "flipper" machine.

I am going onn the engine spec numbers from my 214 since that's what's sitting here; IDK if that would be a "fair" comparison or not. (ARE they the same spec numbers? or at least interchangeable?) Anyone have a spec number off a 314's engine handy?

going off the 214 engine's spec numbers, the part number of the shortblock I am looking at is "one digit off" from what the 214 calls for; yet the 214's "direct replacement shortblock" listed also has a footnote something about a crank shaft change being needed; (meaning it really is not, then, a direct replacement; may as well go for a miniblock instead, huh?) from what I see the 214 tractor s/b is a 7752250; the one I have found is a 7752251. what is the difference between these s/b's?
On the Kohler website you can comparet different spec number engines and look up parts (which you can do a "back" lookup, to see what engines used a certain part, but there is no way I see to compare the contents of 2 shortblocks--that I can SEE, anyway.

I intend to hang onto the old 314's shortblock for an eventual rebuild.
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From WFM--The 314--
"In 1979 John Deere began manufacturing models 314 and 317, respectively. Very much the same as previous hydrostatic models, the 314 and 317 represented the "basic" and "deluxe" versions of the 300 series hydrostatic tractors from 1979 until the 1983-1984 time period. One design change that is readily apparent was relocating much of the steering gear to the left side of the chassis. The 314 was an upgraded version of the 312 that reintroduced engine side panels on the "basic" tractor, increased horsepower to a 14HP Kohler engine, and standard installation of the wider 23x10.50x12 rear tires."
--The 214--Introduced in 1975--
The 210, 212, 214and 216 were built until the completion of the 1987 model year.A choice of engine options: 10, 12, 14 and 16 horsepower Kohler engines.
Not sure if these are the same shortblocks or not, but they are the same vintage. Need some 314 owners to srep up, or try over at
thanks; I went by a buddy's house that has both a 214 and an older 316 that I was able to compare; other than the engine being mounted 90* turned between these 2, I saw a difference in the oilpans that leads me to believe that the 214 might fit the 314 but not vise versa.
I have a copy of the Kohler owners manual in pdf form for engine model K321 (14hp). You can check the web site for specifications and maybe determine if it will work. It is under manuals here is the link.
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