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'31 Doodlebug Long Island, N.Y.

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I just came across this '31 Ford Doodlebug on CL. Located on Long Island, NY. Not mine.
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LOL! Good one, Cat! Are you a graduate of the Ellis School of Cranking?:tango_face_grin: I'm trying to be good here.:tango_face_smile:
The DB in your "after" pic is very nice.

Ellis, I thought of you as soon as I saw it, and wondered if you might have seen it too, or not. Yes, it looks a little rough around the edges, but nothing you couldn't handle.:tango_face_smile: Price? I imagine that there would be at least some room to work.
Well, we both know that earning a Cranker badge doesn't come easy. A recipient has to have done a lot of cranking in order just to qualify. There is only one "recipient" to this date that I know of.:tango_face_grin:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts