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'31 Doodlebug Long Island, N.Y.

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I just came across this '31 Ford Doodlebug on CL. Located on Long Island, NY. Not mine.
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Can someone edit Dave's post from 'Not mine.' to 'Not mine, yet.'?

Vehicle Car
Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Vintage car Auto part

Automotive tire Tire Vehicle Wheel Bumper
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Tractor

And then after some scrubbing:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Vintage car
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Vintage car

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LOL! Good one, Cat! Are you a graduate of the Ellis School of Cranking?.
No, I was a victim of it a time or two back when I was a mod. There was a birthday issue, the great avatar debate, and a couple of others.

It wasn’t so constant back then, when he was working. Now that he’s retired? Sheesh.
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