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3000 Series Battery

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I bought my tractor used and it had a newly installed Interstate MT-51 battery. Fast forward 8 years and it is now near done (click-click-click-click-start).

I just assumed that this tractor would use a garden variety (pun intended) tractor battery, but I just looked up the specs on the MT-51: 625A and 500CCA. Really?

Even a Diehard Group 51 battery is 450CCA. That's a lot of juice for a low compression 625cc engine.
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I have always used Farm n Barn Garden Tractor Batt 17 18 bucks
we have hot summers and cold winters my batt last 3-5 yrs as a
rule...............per yr that a nice payback I feel :)
The Group 51 battery from Interstate and Sears are both $110. Napa and Advance Auto versions are even more. I'm inclined to purchase a garden tractor battery and see how it works. My tractor stays in my insulated garage (rarely goes below 40F) all winter...sub-zero starts aren't in its future. I think 350CCA or so will work fine.
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The same engines in the 2000 Series use a smaller 300-350CCA battery. The terminal posts are a different style though.
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