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3 pt pull or push snow blower?

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Im really thinking of getting a snow blower for my JD industrial 300 after this winter. I see they make a pull type now. what are the pros and cons verses a rear push type? thanks in advance. Reno J.
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Pull cons - deep enough snow will get you stuck quickly. If a drift builds up in front of where you store the machine, you might not even be able to get the tractor out. Tractor packs down snow before blowing it (could be a pro if you have lots of gravel). Higher cost. A bit more limited to discharge direction (can’t throw straight back if you’re going in a straight line for very long). You can only get to about 1 tractor length close to an obstacle such as a wall or closed garage door, so you need to turn around and back up to the door with the blower raised to get up tight to the door, unless you back up to the door to begin with I guess...

Pull pros - easier on the neck and back if you have a long straight area. If you need to back up to turn around a lot, you might as well have the push type.

Push cons -have to twist around to use, but you might just be able to sit sideways on the seat so it isn’t as bad. More moving parts (typically chain & sprockets turning the auger).

Push pros - cheap and readily available used. Could be easier to service... the gearbox isn’t stuck in a snow filled housing.

FYI, I opted for the push type. Twice. Once with a smaller tractor, then again when I upgraded machines. Admittedly, I’ve never tried a pull type, mainly due to stuck in deep snow possibility and the high cost. I only paid about $1,000 for my first unit (5’) and $1,100 for the one I have now (7’).
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PUSH TYPE!!! ,---Don't even waste your time/money on the pull type! I had one for an hour,---then I loaded it up and took it to the scrap yard! ---Never want to see that kind again ever!

Even shallow snow jams up in front of the entry, The wings drag snow ahead and won't feed into the fan!---IF they had augers in front to feed the snow in, they might word a bit better, but not worth messing with. ---I got it because former owner couldnt get it to work either, so I had to try it and YUP, no way it would ever work! Thanks; sonny
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PUSH TYPE!!! Pull type don't work!
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