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3 pt hitch help

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puttin the 3 pt hitch on my 2418. couple questions, like to know what the small chain serves ?? I see where its welded to the attachment bolts, then it appers it goes thru these loops or eyes on the other end of that bar, this loop or eye, dose it face up..or..down ??

How would I know the 3 pt hitch is adjusted properly ??

Also, i see now im missing the part that you would put a trailer ball on, I belive its called a "tool bar" anyone have one they want to sell ?? didnt see one on ebay.

ok, more then a couple questions. Oh yeah, Ill have more as I play with her.

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The chains are sway chains so attachments dont go flying around through turns, and when plowing a garden. They go to the loop on the opposite side arm, the loop should be on the top. You can make a drawbar pretty easily or you can use any cat 0 drawbar.

here is a pic on mine, hopefully it helps.
Yup, I got a welder, ill pick me up some steel and make me one. Thanks for the info on the chains, makes sence now !!
There WAS an old style drawbar on epay last week, maybe it's gone. They usually want to much for orig anyway. I made one once. I used angle on bottom like BMX picture, but turned up other way. Drilled several holes for pins than went to metal shop with a pattern and they bent those upper braces for me. I welded up and used bolts for big pins and looked great!


Are those case fenders? Do you have a full pic of the tractor? I was wondering what it would look like with those fenders about a week ago.
Yes, Case fenders and wheels and tires too. The wheels had diff offset tho and rubbed on orig fender mounts. I've always like flat-top fenders and wanted to try to make some. Got these with the tires at a show. I have sold since, and gave guy orig fenders to put back on. Not sure if he changed or ? Maybe I have another pix or two......


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