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I just got three more Lawn-Boy's today, plus a bonus. A 7223 with a D407E engine, a 4600 schoolbus, and an 8241 BBC machine. The 7223 seems to be a very rare model. It has a 21" magnesium deck and it is a push model. It is supposed to be electric start, as you can tell by the "E" in the engine model "D407E". But, the electric starting system has all been removed except the little starter. If pics of the remnants of the electric starter are necessary, I can do that. The shroud isn't original. The mower wants to start, but it won't keep running. The on/off/primer switch/knob is missing too. It probably needs cleaned up and the flywheel/coil need regapped as well as the points needing adjustment. The deck is going to my 6255 commercial bricktop. The deck has a crack as seen in one of the pics. I will try to fix it, nothing major. And, I am keeping the engine. As for the 4600, the gas tank leaks, but it runs good. I actually mowed with it a little while ago. I like it! The shortblock is more than likely going to the C20CPR as the shaft is bent on the C20CPR's, so it seems. The deck on the 4600 is good as well. Is it a 20" model? It doesn't seem to say anywhere on the mower????? And, as for the 8241, it works the best out of them all. The engine starts up and runs great and the BBC works great. The self-propel arm needs replaced and the muffler needs replaced as the one on it now is rusted and has a hole in it. I plan on using this mower alot. A new favorite. But my 7256 is still the top favorite! Maby this winter, I'll give the 8241's deck a repaint. The deck is in great shape, just alot of paint loss. And, the bonus with everything is a BBC F engine. It is in fair shape and I am using the muffler from it to put on the 8241. Look how the scrap yard removed it from the deck! LOL! I got everything for $35! Did I make out good? I think that I did. I will keep everyone updated. Now for the pictures!

The 7223:


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