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In the world of L&G tractors is there anything with a 3/4" shaft with 48 splined end? How about steering shafts? I have several parts mowers and 92-93 F150s I'm parting out. I'm back to working on the 4wd 4ws me powered pedal cart. I have 4 Noma 4 wheel steer steering hubs and one transaxle that came with the Free Noma 4ws tractor I got 2 years ago. I've tried taking apart the transaxle in order to get the axle shafts but its like pulling teeth from a T-rex. (You need a gas mask to handle old T's breath) I have found on the web that some places that sell race car parts also sell steering u-joints and shafts 3/4" with 48 splines but have yet to find out if the shafts are hardened. I might need to drill through the shafts in order to put sprockets on them.
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