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Hey All,

wanted to share that after 6 months of trying on and off, I finally managed to clear the last 2 greaseable bearings on my skid. Also learnt a new term over the past 6 months, in the UK we always called them grease nipples, in north America, they seem to be called zerks - made for some interesting conversations if nothing else....

Anyhow, I had two "zerks" out of 18 that wouldn't take grease, one of two on the rear axle of my skid and one on the mounting plate.

Step 1 - replace the zerks - also worth noting that not all the zerk sizes on an ASV Skid are the same thread size
Step 2 - go back to parts store and get the right size threaded zerks………..
Step 3 - fit new zerks
Step 4 - use a grease gun to put grease into to the zerk
Step 5 - recover from hand cramp and clean grease from relief pressure valve on grease gun, order powered grease gun, I like my dewalt cordless one
Step 6 - remove zerk and spray in the worlds supply of degreaser
Step 7 - refit zerks
Step 8 - repeat steps 4 through 7 apart from the ordering of powered grease guns
Step 9 - have a beer
Step 10 - while drinking a beer or two, speak to mate who works in lubricants (no not that type, pervert) about the "fun" you've had
Step 11 - get advice from mate that degreaser wont work on solidified grease and you should rehydrate the grease with a light oil like WD40 or 3 in 1
Step 12 - curse and have a beer
Step 13 - after more research, buy WD40, 3 in 1 oil and order one of these
Step 14 - drink beer while waiting for it to arrive
Step 15 -re-order part as Amazon lost the first one
Step 16 - follow instructions for use of the zerk mate
Step 17 - clean 3 in 1 oil from ceiling
Step 18 - once the zerkmate is filled with oil, the ceiling is cleaned and the zerkmate is attached to the zerk, repeatedly hit with hammer
Step 19 - curse when it doesn't work, drink beer
Step 20 - soak the whole joint, with zerkmate removed, with WD40, repeat, lots if the hardened grease in the channel is really really hard
Step 21 - procure a plumbers blow torch
Step 22 - remove zerk
Step 23 - heat the eff out of the bearing
Step 24 - try not to burn fingers when replacing zerk
Step 25 - use zerkmate and hit it really really hard and repeatedly with a 3 pound lump hammer
Step 26 - when you finally hear the crack of the hardened grease taking on the oil from you pounding the zerkmate and the old grease starts seeping from the bearing, drink beer
Step 27 - use powered grease gun and fill the bearing with new grease
Step 28 - do a little jig, drink more beer, curse previous owner

Cant recommend the zerkmate enough though, I've given it some serious whatcks with a lump hammer over the past few weeks. When I got my first cheap imitation of a zerkmate, it didnt last long at all although it did free up 3-4 of the zerks and Canadian Tire had it in stock.

Hope the above helps some folks or at least gives them a bit of a giggle, oh and no, I'm not funded by Zerkmate in any way shape or form :)


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"Oskar Zerkowitz emigrated to the United States and changed his name to "Oscar Ulysses Zerk". He was also known as "Oscar V. Zerk". He became a world-famous inventor and one of his most prominent creations was a grease fitting known as "the zerk"

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I like the description of the zerkmate, ‘saves time and money’.

Yeah, replacing a zerk is a budget buster for sure.

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Hey Cat385B,

the problem I had wasn't so much replacing the zerks, that bit is cheap and easy for sure, it was that the bearings weren't taking grease as they had been neglected and the old grease in the bearing had solidified in the bearings grease channel.
rehydrating the solidified grease by pumping in a light oil under the pressure from the zerkmate meant I didn't have to remove the bearing and clear it out / replace it - not easy to jack up an 8000lb skid and remove a track bearing

If there's an easier and cheaper way, I'm all ears
@Kbeitz - looks the zerkmate is a grease hammer too

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