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I have downloaded the specs for both the 2720 and 2520. I'm interested in the 2520 but need to consider the 2720. For the 2720 the data shows that a 10% price increase (based on list) relates to a 16% greater engine HP (5), 13% greater PTO HP (3) with a weight gain of 108 pounds or 5.5% and Rated Engine Speed reduction of 100 RPM. The hydraulic system is identical per the dealer. I wonder if I can operate at the lower 2500 RPM and save fuel? Is a slightly lower operating RPM beneficial to the engine? (is 100 RPM's worth mentioning?)

I know the 2520 is enough for my needs, but would you spend 10% to get 5 additional engine HP, 3 additional PTO HP and run your rig 100 RPM less? The percentages look to be attractive, the extra 108 pounds is a wash as is the extra 0.5 inch clearance.

Thanks for looking, considering and responding.


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