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$27 or $2000 ???

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I was using my Kubota 2500 series to plow up some corn ground that had just been pressed into service this year. Being virgin soil (trees harvested and stumped in May), the corn did not do so well so I figured it was a compaction problem and planned to use a single bottom plow to help deep-till and to roll the big rocks out of the ground.

All was well until I noticed the plow was rolling up black ribbon. For a second I ignored it, then I thought better and shut off the tractor and it was a good thing I did. In this really rocky ground, my tractor had hit a rock and jarred the oil pan drain plug loose and it vibrated out. Because I was plowing and looking back, I saw the oil on the ground and was able to shut the tractor off before it starved itself of oil. In fact as I knelt to check the plug, the last of the oil came out. 10 more seconds later and the engine would have been shot.

A drain plug, copper washer and 6 quarts of oil later and I was up and running and finished the field. Now that was lucky!
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That was a bit too close for comfort. Good thing you spotted it when you did.

Who changed the oil the last time? It would take a bit hit to loosen a drain plug, wouldn't it? Was the plug tightened up properly?
Yikes! Nice catch! :fing32:
I Being virgin soil (trees harvested and stumped in May), the corn did not do so well so I figured it was a compaction problem.
I know what the problem is going to be next year in that spot! :fing20::sidelaugh:sidelaugh:sidelaugh:sidelaugh
Yeah it was a little close for comfort. It was just a good thing I was plowing and constantly watch sod flop off the moldboard or I might not have seen the oil trail.

The boys at the equipment shop thought I might have hit a rock and jarred the nut drain plug loose. That is a possibility because I was in very rocky soil. From the size of the boulders that we pulled off the soil above ground with the excavator, and the layout of the rockwalls, I would say this area has never been plowed before. I would say back in 1830-1900 it was probably a pasture.

I got it done tonight though, but it was well after dark and after my day-job to boot. These 20 hour of solid work and 4 hours of sleep make for a cranky Drawbar. My Dad says it builds character, but I think it makes a character out of me...and not a pleasant one. :)
In that very spot you will have a crop of drain plugs, complete with crush washers.

Well that's to bad you spotted that loose plug as it would have been a far better story had you not.LOL

I was plowing snow with an 850 Case dozer years ago and I noticed a black streak in the snow and shut down the machine immediately and found something on the injector pump was leaking.I am sure I would have not caught it had I been playing in the dirt.

Sometimes things go our way and sometimes some of the freakish things cause a catastrophe.
Makes me think that I really should fix my low oil pressure warning light.

One of those stupid lights saved a cherished motorbike of mine once. One of the oilpump gears had broken into 3 pieces.
I wasn't sure I'd seen the light in time until months later, when I finally got the part and put it back together.

Another time, driving down the highway in a '62 ford pickup I had, a strange smell... Finally I placed it. it was like... bronze smelting.
That motor was out of oil, and junk. The light came on as I slowed down.
Glad to hear you caught it in time. slkpk
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