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2320 Mowing Deck lift - how high should it come?

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I have a question for you fellows with the 2320 and the mowing decks. I have a 54" deck but I assume the 62" would be the same.

On the right front corner of the deck there is a vertical steel plate which, if I understand the book correctly, is called the "upstop". I guess the theory is when you lift the deck if it comes too far this plate hits the bottom of the tractor frame and stops the deck before any damage occurs.

Again, if I understand the book correctly, when your deck is lifted all the way up the "upstop" plate should come to within about 1/16" of the frame. I "think" I understand that's what they are saying.

But mine does not do this - so here's the question. When you guys lift your deck right up as high as the hydraulics will take it - how much room do you see between the bottom of the frame and the top of the "upstop" plate?

I have a feeling my deck was set up way too low by the dealership, which would explain the problems I am having with setting my cutting height.

Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. I'd sure like to know how far other decks go up.
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i can sure check it out tomorrow for ya and try and get back to you. i have a 54D.
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