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Did you mean "R4" tires?.... the industrial bar type?...

The best source for tires I cound in Canada is in Montreal - Odessa.
They have an on-line catalog - and they carry 'everything'.... Various brands too... including Carlisle, Cheng Shin / Maxxis etc.... Just remember to click on ENGLISH if you're not bilingual like me!

Last time I bought tires - best price I could find, and they do ship to canada (I can attest as I have 4 new Turf tires in my garage) is Jed's Wholesale Tires.. they run an EBAY store and either sell "buy-it-now" style, or via actual auction. I phoned them and discussed best choices of "spare rims" and tires for my tractor - all I can say is that they are excellent folks to deal with..... and awesome tire & rim prices to boot!

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