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2305 with A4 tires in Canada

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I somehow aquired a very slow leak on the front tire of my 2305. The day I noticed it, I hauled 3 buckets of gravel about 200 feet. When I went to add more air, the tire was warm to the touch. Didn't think much of it but later looked at the tire and noticed a big bulge on the side. Oh well I'll get a new tire next day. At least that's what I thought. That was June 12th and there are no tires availible. I'm still waiting and last I heard they won't be in till the end of August. When these tires come in I'm buying 3. Just something I wanted to pass on. What a waste of a short summer......Dave
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Man that sucks, out of interest how much is a new tyre? I often wonder as I'm scraping mine around on the concrete.
I was told 87 bucks each.
Where did you order it from? I would have just gone to a Quality Tire store as they seem to be able to supply anything in a few days tops..At least here in Moose Jaw.

That is a bummer! Sorry to hear that.
I punched a hole in the right front tire of my 2305 a couple of months ago. I called a discount tire place and they said that they could have a replacement in 5-7 business days. Since I use my tractor most every day, I wasn't real pleased with that answer, so I called my JD dealer to see if they could do better. I had a new tire mounted on my rim in two days. Only cost 8 dollers more than the discount tire place.
I called 2 local JD dealers and each one said they don't sell tires. My tractor has Carlisle Trac Chief tires and I wanted the same make. Every tire shop I went to that sold Carlisle gave me the same story. Backordered from the factory. Online tire supplyers seem to be only in the States and won't let you enter Canada as a destination.
Did you mean "R4" tires?.... the industrial bar type?...

The best source for tires I cound in Canada is in Montreal - Odessa.
They have an on-line catalog - and they carry 'everything'.... Various brands too... including Carlisle, Cheng Shin / Maxxis etc.... Just remember to click on ENGLISH if you're not bilingual like me!

Last time I bought tires - best price I could find, and they do ship to canada (I can attest as I have 4 new Turf tires in my garage) is Jed's Wholesale Tires.. they run an EBAY store and either sell "buy-it-now" style, or via actual auction. I phoned them and discussed best choices of "spare rims" and tires for my tractor - all I can say is that they are excellent folks to deal with..... and awesome tire & rim prices to boot!

Ya, your right. R4. Industrial lug. Sorry about that. I called again today and a shipment bound for Canada is leaving a wharehouse somewhere in Tennessee on the 7th.

Bummer about the tire problem. Seems odd that they are back ordered that long, although it is a popular size for small tractors. Thanks for the Canadian supplier link Wally.

I e-mail Odessa and they replied back that they don't have a tire either and don't expect one till August 18th. Their price is 170 a tire. Almost double of our local specialty tire store. I miss my tractor. All I can do is shine the hood.
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