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2305 Transmission Fan Guard

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After reading the horror stories about the repair price for the plastic fan on the 2305s I found on eBay a fellow who makes a Fan Guard. For $98 delivered I got one and installed it yesterday. JD has a small (3") guard directly under the fan which is removed and the same mounting bolts are used. There is an additional bolt & nut required (and supplied) which fits in a bracket welded to the frame. Easy one wrench (1/2") installation and the peace of mind is priceless. The seller's eBay ID is: "inventive" and he ships very quickly. However he only makes a few at time and and then the ads go away. I had to check back 2 times before I caught up with him. Worth the wait.

I've tried to copy the image from eBay but they are pretty good about preventing that.
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Clint that is great piece of mind! Seemed like it was a little higher when I had checked his listings earlier this year. For what I understand it is compatable with the mid mount mower.:fing32:
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