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2305 Seat Switch?

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I just noticed today that when I get up off the seat the tractor stays running while in gear, isn't it supposed to shut down?
I will not start unless it's in Neutral though which is correct so that switch seems to be working correctly.
Is the seat switch bad? Sounds logical to me?
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There is a right way ????:dunno:
See now I was sorta wondering that too. Sheez all these years I think I'm doin it right, and now I have to wonder.

Look, I'm not a mechanic, and I own a Massey, not a Deere. But it seems to me it comes down to one of these two options:

1. You're farting incorrectly.
2. The seat switch is faulty.

Just be careful, because failure to do the first one correctly may in fact void your warranty. So check your JD owners manual

OK, guess I should follow up with a serious post after that.

If your seat switch is anything like mine, it's spring-loaded. So just a GUESS, but you might just see if the spring is completely tired out, or if it's jammed with a twig of something keeping is held stuck.

If it's not a spring loaded switch, and it's just a 'contact,' then you prolly have a bad wire...or maybe just a loose connection. But that's something you should be able to follow to each end and confirm, hopefully.


- Sentry
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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