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222 pto problem

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Well I finally got around to taking the malfunctioning clutch apart on my newer 222 . Now, I have 3 200-series as well as a 444 plus a 646 but have never had to mess with the pto's on any of them before. This one kept the snow caster running when off , elevated. I found the clutch faceing to be loose, flopping around. I went to disassemble it, cannot get the large not off!!
It is frozen. Not rusty or corroded, just won't turn. In fact, the 1 3/4inch cover snapped in half on the last attempt. I have a parts clutch which I purchased several years age, the same thing. Came with a busted nut. What do I need to do to get this nut off of the assemby? Will a 1 1/2 inch deep socket work on the actual flat nut itself or is there some trick I need to use? Is this a jam nut? The clutch parts are loose under the nut. HELP!!!:banghead3:banghead3 Awaiting Rescue. Jack:thSick:
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Not a jam nut ... may just be common old corrosion. Need to keep the flywheel from turning, also. Busting the outer guide nut is not uncommon and new are readily available, about $17.

Put some penetrating oil and try again later ...

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