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220 charging problem

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Hello everyone.

I am the proud owner of a Case-Ingersoll 220, S/N 14091346, which I believe makes it an 1986 model. It has the Kohler engine & runs like a top. All the hydraulics work and all I have had to do to get it running and usable was replace the battery & seat.

I have been searching the forums for an answer to this, but have not found exactly what I am seeing:

- The battery has 12.5VDC static & running.
- The Battery light is on all the time the key is on.
- The stator shows 28VAC at the plug going to the voltage regulator.
- The red wire at the ignition switch (from plug to voltage regulator) has -12.6VDC - yes, that is NEGATIVE 12 volts. This does not seem right, but may be.
- The yellow wire on the ignition switch has just from 12.7VDC to just over 13VDC when the tractor is running.

The 5 connector ignition switch is pretty corroded at the red & yellow connections and the red wire connector show signs of getting hot.

I am leaning towards the issue being a bad ignition switch, but that -12V wire is confusing.

Any ideas?
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Well first thing you need to do is clean up or replace the corroded terminals.

Also go to and using the S/N of your tractor copy the wiring scematic for your tractor, making sure the terminals for the ignition switch are in their proper orientation.

If your having charging issues , go through the older threads here for some tests to perform. :goodl:

BTW Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the reply, Caseman2.

I have the Owner's Manual and Parts List and looked at the link you supplied but could not find anything that I don't already have as far as a wiring schematic goes.

From my testing done per searching these forums for "220 not charging" "voltage sensor" and "220 battery light" I have found that

1. The battery has 12.54VDC static & with engine running.
2. The stator output is 28VAC.
3. The red wire at the ignition switch (from plug to voltage regulator) has negative 12.6VDC and appears to have overheated at the connector.
4. The yellow wire on the ignition switch shows 12.7 to 13.1 volts when the tractor is running.
The results in items 2, 3 & 4 lead me to believe that the charging system is indeed charging, but the charge is not reaching the battery.

Per your suggestion I have double checked and insured that the wires to the ignition switch are in the correct positions - I checked this by comparing the markings on the switch and double-checking against the wiring diagram in the Parts List book. All is in order there other than the corrosion noted in my original post.

So now I have 3 questions:

- Is it normal to have negative 12VDC at the red wire from the voltage regulator connector to the ignition switch?
- Where can I get a schematic for this tractor?
- Can anyone recommend a good online source for the C 30480 switch? I do not have a dealer near me.
If you have the owners manual and the parts manual there should be a wiring diagram in each one so I'm not sure what type of "schematic" you're looking for?

I agree that a negative voltage reading is not correct so something in that area is probably amiss. A melted connector on the switch is a likely problem and should be replaced regardless of whatever else you find to be bad. The output of the regulator is controlled by sensing the battery voltage so if the connection between the battery and regulator is bad then you will get no charging. You can check the regulator by running a jumper from the + side of the battery directly to the regulator and then see if you get a reading of 13.5 v at the battery when the engine is running; if so, the regulator is working and the problem is in the wiring or the ignition switch.

You can obtain a new ignition switch and replacement wiring connector from Tom Hanson by mail. 715-256-1600
Thanks, Bart. I was looking for the schematic because Caseman2 had mentioned it being available, was hoping to get a bit deeper into how the system worked & hopefully figure out that -12V reading.

I will try the temporary jumper from the regulator and give Mr. Hanson a call.

Thanks again!
I replaced the ignition switch & all is back to normal.
Thanks everyone!
I replaced the ignition switch & all is back to normal.
Thanks everyone!
Ah, the pesky ignition switch.... A bad one can sure cause strange problems and who but these Case/Ingersoll guru's here would know that !!!

Glad you found your problem. The Cases are not real difficult to troubleshoot.
And welcome to MTF...:MTF_wel:
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