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Today I was able to put the tripple bagger on the 2165, I forgot how nice it is to have one. The lawn is nice and cleaned up! I just need some new blades any recommendations as to the kind I should use?

The lawn has a lot of dead grass deep down what should I use to remove it? The rental center has a machine that goes over the lawn and pulls the dead grass out but I would like my own attachment to pull behind the other 2160 I have.


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Hi CubGuy

For getting that dead grass out I use a spike de-thatcher, a 40” model made by Agri-Fab. These are the simple attachments that have the multiple rows of round spring steel spikes coming down from a flat frame that you strap weights on to. Everybody sells them, big box, farm stores and Sears. I bought mine a few years back for about $75 or $80; they probably are a bit more now.

I use it in the spring and go over the lawn twice, the second time at 90 degrees to the first pass. Some spots get another pass if it still looks like there is more to be pulled up. Mine works great; after two passes the lawn is brown with dead grass on top of it. As a bonus, it also helps to stand the weeds up straighter as well, so after you mow & bag, the lawn looks better than ever.

The only tricks to it are 1) adjusting the weight on it so the spikes dig in just enough without pulling up clods of soil, and 2) going slow – the slower you mow, the better chance the spikes have to dig in. Also, going too fast causes it to bounce and loose contact with the lawn.

I have also seen the power de-thatchers, but have never used one. Let us know what you get and how it works out for you.
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