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2133 Belt

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Hi I have a Bolens one step mulching rider and am wanting to know the length of the B section belt which goes from the motor shaft to the cutter deck. Getting spares in the remote area of Australia where I live is virtually impossible. I do not have the old belt so I am unable to take it to a supplier, so I need the B section size.
I look forward eagerly to any replies.Re Gerry
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Welcome to MTF. Have you looked in our library. Someone will surely chime in wih some help.
:trink39: Hooray, after much trouble and thrutching around under the beast I am happy to inform that a B72 belt will fit the model 13004.

It might be noted that the belt pulley on the motor is so close to the rear axle assembly that the bolts holding the motor have to be loosened to allow the motor to be lifted to allow the belt to be put on.
:fing20: Hold that thought, after much trouble fitting a B73 belt I find there is not enough adjustment, so had to fit a B73 to stop the blades turning when disengaged.

Mowed half an acre OK, now to take it back to its owner.

Won't be working on that brute again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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