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2130 pto problem

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pto will not engage. things i know its not, ignition switch-pto switch- seat safety switch- brake & reverse switch. saftety switches have been checked , ignition & pto switch are new. is there a fuse that i`m missing? there is also a relay that plugs in between the ignition & pto switch, does this run the pto? the clutch itself is good i can jump across the pto switch & it engages.
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Well.. it your confident it isn't any of the components you list (which is all of them) and the PTO does work when you jump from battery to PTO, it sure points to the relay, possible fuse or broken wire upstream of the PTO.

the only thing not replaced is that relay, going to the dealer now to see if they can check it. been looking for a broken wire none so far.
ok just put the new relay in & problem is solved pto engaged right away.
pto is still engaging but now after you mow awhile it kicks out. push switch in & pull back out & it will mow awhile longer. let it set & cool & it will work again.
pto bad? can you rebuild them?
I had the same trouble when I picked up my 2160 which is the same system.. After going through all you have I found the relay WAS the culprit.. I ordered a new one from CC and installed and it works like a charm.. (~$25)

Good Luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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