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208 with A37 Snowblower question

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I just purchased the blower unit for my 208. Can I use a cable instead of the front lift rod? struggling to find one locally in Ontario.
Thanks for looking!
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Depends on your fab skills, but anything is possible. Should be lots of lift rod parts on fleabay tho. Not the cheapest but by the time you fabricate something.... well you know.
do you know what the part number of that rod is?
do you know what the part number of that rod is?
AM36181 Front Lift Kit
there is also a bracket that seems to be bolted to the frame....almost like a pivot point, for the rod on the blower to attach to, as well as the rod that goes back...can this still be purchased?
Well, its actually several pieces. You have a rod that comes forward from your lift linkage, up to that pivot you see up front. Then there is a connector and a shorter rod that goes to your snowblower/blade/ other front attachment...

This setup allows you to lift and lower with the factory lift for the deck, be it manual lever, electric, or hydraulic.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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