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Well, I got a chance to do some playing around with the tractor today.

The tractor has a TON of power and the hydraulic response is very impressive. I have the 66" loader and moved 8-10 buckets full of fill sand and the lifts were effortless for the tractor. I'll say this, though, I definitely need to ballast the rear end because it quickly lifted off the ground with a heaping bucket. I'll be filling with windshield washer fluid soon.

I also fit my 6ft medium duty rotary cutter (90hp gearbox) up to it and tooled around with it in the field. It cut some fairly thick field grass and 1 1/2" saplings with ease with the HST in low and the pedal to the floor - didn't even phase the engine RPMs, so thats a solid win. May have to slow down in a few spots come late spring when the grass is green and heavier, but it's going to work just fine.

I really can't say what I think about the R14 hybrids yet. I'll post more on their traction once I get about 500lbs on the back of the tractor.

So far, I'm very pleased. Wish it would have come standard with cruise control but it's only a $128 option and my dealer said he'd be fine with me installing it myself. Anyone ever done it?

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