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Hi All!
I hope your Holiday Season was as meaningful and wonderful as mine was. I got to do a lot of fun stuff with family and friends.

As 2019 draws to a close, I figured I would reflect on my previous year, and my future for 2020. I invite you all to share on this thread as well.

When January of 2019 rolled around, I was a Junior in High School, and had just begun my 2nd church job, and I had only played about 5 pipe organs in my life. Since then, I started playing the organ for 3 more churches, for a grand total of 5 churches. I love playing the organ, and I have decided that that will be my degree in college.
Over the Summer, I took a multi-state pipe organ tour. I was the guest organist at 4th Presbyterian, St. Chrysostom Episcopal, Holy Name Cathedral, and Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, all in Chicago. I was also the guest organist at St. Raphael the Archangel in Naperville. My final destination was the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, on the campus of Notre Dame in Indiana. I truly enjoyed being able to play some of the most intricate organs in the United States.
I also began my senior year of high school, and became a legal adult, partaking in our local election; my first ever voting. I also figured out that political candidates can contact you with your cell number. Yeesh.
Although 2019 was a blast for me, there were also some sad points. Our community lost two more people this summer, a teacher who drowned, and an incoming freshman that committed suicide. This comes after the loss of three students last year. Though hard to grasp, our community remains strong willed, and we are there for one another.

Going into 2020, I am less than 6 months away from walking across the high school graduation stage, and then from there, off to college. I am quite excited for this, as this is the final step of childhood/teenhood for me. I am very curious to see what my future has in store for me.

This is my year in a nutshell. Full of ups and downs, but overall, a great year for me, and I look forward to the years to come.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and reflections as well! Below is a video of me playing the organ at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. Enjoy!

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And I was expecting chopsticks! Very nice, and you have to love the sound of a quality pipe organ. I sang in concert choir many moons ago and we got to sing with a few being accompaniment. You are already doing well by having a few things figured out. A lot of people don't get there for many years after they get out of school, and some never figure it out. Happy New Year to you!

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Riley! First, Happy New Year my friend and a Happy New Year to all here on the Forum and their families and friends. Thanks so much for sharing the video of you playing. I know last time we had lunch I was able to view some of your playing talent on your phone but much nicer to hear it on a device with more volume.
As I reflect back on 2019 I would have to say it has been a bit of a challenge for Laurie and me. Laurie had struggled with hip pain for over a year starting in August of 2018. They attributed it to hip bursitis and she had a couple of cortisone shots over the next 3 months. The first one worked well and lasted a couple of months but the second one only lasted a few days. Then came physical therapy which went on for 6 months with no improvement. Went back to the Orthopedic guy in June of 2019 and had an MRI. It showed the bursa was shredded and the course of action was arthroscopic surgery. Little did we know that when the did the surgery they would find she had a detached tendon on her gluteous medius muscle on the right side. They put a couple of plastic screws in and re attached the tendon. This was August 12th. Then came 6 weeks of no pressure on that leg, walking with a walker or crutches, and sleeping on the couch on her back. Also had to wear a really funky brace. Then she graduated out of the brace and after a couple of weeks with the walker began using the cane. She is still going for physical therapy once a week and they say it could be up to a year for a full recovery.
Then to compound the problem she developed a cough which wouldn't go away. Saw the pulmonologist on October 25th and they scheduled a breathing test after a CT scan. After the breathing test was completed, a few days later she became very short of breath and was unable to go from room to room or up and down stairs without shortness of breath. The latest in this issue is she had a bronchoscopy last Thursday. They put the scope down and looked around in her lungs to see what was going on and also took a sample for a culture. We have not seen the pulmonologist yet to get the results. That will be on January 8th.
Of course while Laurie was struggling with all her issues I took on all the yard work and leaf pickup as well as snow removal that we do for several properties around and outside the neighborhood. Also became chief cook and bottle washer, doer of laundry, grocery shopper and all around gopher while she was unable to help herself. I apparently showed her a side of me that she really hadn't seen in such a large manner and she nicknamed me Prince William because she said I was her prince for being so helpful.
Sorry for rambling on but I guess my point is that I really appreciate her just that much more after having stood in her shoes during these times. Even now as she is getting around more I try to go out of my way to make even the little things that much easier for her.
I am hoping that this coming year brings her continued speedy recovery with her hip issue and some positive outcome from the pulmonary tests.
For myself I really wish for nothing other than continued good health as I am not sure what would happen if we were both out of commission. Hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year and may your troubles be few and your blessings many. Bill
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