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2016 Cub w\ EFI

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Next year's 2016 Cub Cadet Enduro has an EFI (electronic fuel injection) option in some models.

Since I'm considering a new LT next season, I am on the fence about getting the Cub EFI version.

Carbs are tried and true, and easy to maintain and replace.

EFI is new (to these LT's) and if anything goes sideways, it probably wouldn't be an easy fix. I am just slightly wary of new tech \ systems in 1st year models.

SO, for next season - stick with the carb model, or go for the EFI?
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JD has used EFI on different lawn and garden tractors since about 1990. The first ones were a problem but the ones used on the 400 series and newer (1992) are generally bomb proof. Who is making the engine for CC? That would effect my decision more. Roger
More and more gas powered equipment will be EFI going forward, just because carburetors by nature can't control emissions as well over time as an EFI system, and the EPA regulations are getting stricter and stricter.
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