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2014 Toro Timecutter SS4235 - Right side Hydrostatic Trans

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First post here -hoping someone can give me some pro/experience direction. I have the subject mower - the right hand drive unit was not working I have to replace it. It is the original Hydrogear hydrostatic transmission model #: ZF-DTBB-3DRA-2WTX still on the sticker on it. I am told (well by a chat rep on some site and also seeing ZF now equal ZT-2100 on Hydrogear site) it was replaced by the ZT-2100 unit - although it looks like the linkages align up slightly differently - I'd like to (hard to) find a direct bolt up replacement (same model #) but just can't seem to find a source. Maybe I'm out of luck as it's 7 yrs old! Those that quote me a price are ranging from $680 - $800+ for the model # unit when I call. And I'm not confident it isn't the Hydrogear "replacement" model as it is - ZT-2100. Which - I CAN find for about $5-600.....

SO - guess I'm asking if the model number ZF - is really replaced by a direct bolt up ZT-2100 - and who you'd recommend buying it from.

Thank you,

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Well if Hydrogear made both units I think they would be who you trust on what replaces your original hydro?
Yes it's probably a bit different but Hydrogear should be able to tell you those differences?

I would call Hydrogear and ask before purchasing anything. Maybe even ask if they could rebuild yours? Not likely as you have the bottom of the barrel hydro's so I am geussing replacement is the only answer.
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