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2010 cracked rear axle remedy?

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Hi all,

Well, was servicing my 2010 the other day and when I greased the rear axle grease was coming out where it ain't suppose to....:tango_face_surprise

I don't know what it takes to replace but I'm really not going to pull the tranny apart to do it. SOOO, I ordered two locking collars from McMaster-Carr, (if they don't have it you probably don't need it, great company!) and you can see in my pics the crack and the collars in place.

Guess my question is do you think it will hold or am I just whistling Dixie til it breaks? The hardest job it does is pull a VERY heavy roller, probably over 800 lbs estimated. MY JD's with the hydros DO NOT like to pull it, need a geared tractor to do the job. I have a line on a geared 7112 with hi lo and thought it may be an upgrade if you guys think think the collar thing ain't gonna work.

Opinions appreciated and thanks!


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The crack has mitigated about 40% from the outside in towards the trans diagonally.

Thanks for the reply Junky.
Junky and Tractor -holic,

I think the idea of a tube over it would still allow movement. And, that shaft coupler might work but the axle mics at 1 11/16" and they don't show one with that exact ID.
Dee Veloper,

That's what I was hoping to hear. Someone else that did the same thing and it has lasted 9 yrs! Great!:bannana:

Thanks to all you guys for your thoughts. This forum has a lot of people with great ideas and I greatly appreciate it! Maybe we'll get some more opinions......
Hi Mopar,

Well, I thought about that and even just stop drill the crack without welding. My gut feeling was that with all the grease that's in that axle tube it would be a big problem trying to weld it. I do have a small wire welder which might do it but the idea of the crack getting contamination from the grease stopped me on that one.

I'm not much of a welder anyway. I get penetration (I think) but make them pretty with a mini grinder.....:tango_face_surprise But I do appreciate the info.

Yeah I agree Arathol,

I only pull that roller once a year in early spring on my 3/4 acre rolling lot. I guess we will have to see what happens. That 7112 I was thinking of looking at is going to have issues I wouldn't know where I have had this 2010 since 1987. It's like an old buddy.

Dee Veloper,

I thought about that but my brain could't think of a way to plug the hole.:fing20: Set screw would do it. Maybe I'll order another collar and do this.

Thanks to everybody!!!
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Thanks Hydronerd,

I have a guy who could weld it for me. I did find a 2010 that is not running and it sounds like the guy just want to get rid of it. Hummm, maybe I'll give him a call. I pulled the rear on my 345 in the past to exchange, this one shouldn't be any worst than that.......:dunno:
Hey guys,

This looks like the tube I need.

Is it as simple as pulling the right wheel and sliding on?

Thanks again
Thanks arathol, I wondered where that tube went.

Dee, thanks, I think the collars I have will do the same thing especially if I get one more and remove the zerk fitting. When I mic'ed mine it appeared to be 1 11/16. Thats what I ordered when I got the collars.
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