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2010 cracked rear axle remedy?

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Hi all,

Well, was servicing my 2010 the other day and when I greased the rear axle grease was coming out where it ain't suppose to....:tango_face_surprise

I don't know what it takes to replace but I'm really not going to pull the tranny apart to do it. SOOO, I ordered two locking collars from McMaster-Carr, (if they don't have it you probably don't need it, great company!) and you can see in my pics the crack and the collars in place.

Guess my question is do you think it will hold or am I just whistling Dixie til it breaks? The hardest job it does is pull a VERY heavy roller, probably over 800 lbs estimated. MY JD's with the hydros DO NOT like to pull it, need a geared tractor to do the job. I have a line on a geared 7112 with hi lo and thought it may be an upgrade if you guys think think the collar thing ain't gonna work.

Opinions appreciated and thanks!


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It certainly is worth a try. Id say it all depends how deep that crack goes whether it would last or not.
That would severely weaken the axle. Maybe a tight fitting thick walled pipe with set screws fitted over all of the exposed surface would brace it a little better? Other than that its replacing the axle. Good luck on that.
If you knew a machinist they could grind a bit undersized tube to an exact fit for you. The tighter the fit the better.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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