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2010 cracked rear axle remedy?

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Hi all,

Well, was servicing my 2010 the other day and when I greased the rear axle grease was coming out where it ain't suppose to....:tango_face_surprise

I don't know what it takes to replace but I'm really not going to pull the tranny apart to do it. SOOO, I ordered two locking collars from McMaster-Carr, (if they don't have it you probably don't need it, great company!) and you can see in my pics the crack and the collars in place.

Guess my question is do you think it will hold or am I just whistling Dixie til it breaks? The hardest job it does is pull a VERY heavy roller, probably over 800 lbs estimated. MY JD's with the hydros DO NOT like to pull it, need a geared tractor to do the job. I have a line on a geared 7112 with hi lo and thought it may be an upgrade if you guys think think the collar thing ain't gonna work.

Opinions appreciated and thanks!


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Welding is not really an option. There is a bronze bearing sleeve inside that might not take to kindly to that.

Keep in mind that not only does the tube have to move but the axle shaft has to turn freely inside it. You can clamp it up and it might work but if you are going to be puling an 800 lb roller its probably going to get worse regardless. The clamp will keep the crack closed but the torque from pulling a heavy load will still twist the axle and the crack will grow.

Best bet for easy repair is find another working gear box. A new or refurbished axle tube - if you can find one -will most likely cost almost as much as the entire used transmission and its a not a simple thing to replace it in any case. I have one in the garage waiting to be rebuilt right now...:eek:
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Hey guys,

This looks like the tube I need.

Is it as simple as pulling the right wheel and sliding on?

Thanks again
That is an internal transmission part. Its the spacer that goes between the large drive gear and the bearing on the left side of the case. You can see it here on the left side of the gear on the old tube.

Sliding this over the crack will accomplish nothing except to hide the problem....
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