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200CX FEL "official capacity specs"

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I must be going blind. I went through the Operator’s Manual for my 2320 and for my 200CX FEL and I can’t find anywhere it sets out the recommended maximum weight the loader is designed to lift, or what the maximum lift reach is. I even went to the JD site and looked at the 200CX in the attachment section and they don’t seem to show the specifications for the loader’s capacity (weight and lift). They describe the 200CX loader, and there is a link called “Specifications” you can go to – but it doesn’t display any information. What’s that about? This some kind of new CYA policy wherein they are no longer "officially" saying what the loader is rated for?

I was positive when I bought it that I read that information somewhere in my John Deere literature. John Deere MUST show what the loader is rated for. Anybody got a link to their site where this information is shown?
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Ya Ivenoticed that too with the loaders. You go to their website and click one of their loaders...say a 300cx and then you click specifications and it doesn't list the raed lift capacity.
I'm sitting right here with a 3000 series brochure and it lists the loader lift capacity for a 300cx in the brochure but the Deeere website doesnt list it at all.
I actually have a 2000 series brochure in my house sopmewhere for the 2010 models. I think it lists the loader lift capacity for a 200cx. be bak in a minute.
I found it! :trink39:

The information is listed in a "Compact Utility Tractor Implements & Accessories" brochure put out by John Deere. I think I got this brochure in 2008 when I bought the tractor new.

It lists all the loaders from the 2305/200CX up to the 4X20/400 CX. I knew I had it somewhere.

Really strange that JD does not mention it in the Operator's Manual for the loader? That's weird? You'd think they would want to clearly state what they rate it for - just to avoid legal problems if nothing else. Oh well .....

For the record, the max lift capacity at the pivot pin for a 2320/200CX is listed at 899 pounds. Max lift height at the pivot pin is 78.7 inches.

I have to remember not to lose this brochure.
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1972, according to one brochure I have, it's 800 lbs at full height measured at pivot. Go to "view online brochures" or follow on this link,
I recently bought a new 2305 and got a 2nd brochure entitled "Compact Utility Tractors Implements and Accessories". It states for a 2320, 200 x/cx loader: 899 lb at pivot pin max height. 628 lb 500mm ahead of pivot pin. Lift capacity to 59" at pivot pin, 1129 lb. Lift capacity to 59" 500mm ahead of pivot pin, 829 lb. Breakout force at pivot pin 2262 lb ft. I know, alot of figures. I tell ya, I think it will lift more than advertised. I have had buckets full of wet dirt and it felt a little uncomfortable at times. Hope this helps.
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