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2008 Gravely won't start - "buzzes"

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My 2008 Gravely z52 worked fine this morning, i took a break and when i tried to start again it just sorta "buzzed". The engine doesn't turn over, i can hear all of the safety "clicks" as i re-check the mower switch and the control arm positions. When everything is set, when i turn the key, i hear a soft "buzzing" coming from under the seat, left side. Any ideas on what might be the problem? This thing has 92 hours on it so it is virtually brand new.
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I checked the battery and it seems to be fully charged. The "buzzing" seems to be coming from the parking brake safety switch under the seat (left side). Best i can tell, the engine won't turn. any help would be appreciated.
Double checked battery and learned it was reading 11.0. Not good. I then jumpstarted the thing and it kicked right on. Turns out the voltage regulater (or something) needs 11.5v, if it doesn't get it, it won't pass the signal. I am charging the battery but may need to replace it altogether.
Also learned the gravely voltage regulator system controls the blade engagement so even after jumpstarting, the z52 runs but won't allow the blades to engage if the battery is weak. I suppose I will have have to test to see if the alternator is working as well.
nice forum, looks like i answered my own question!
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