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What is it worth

  • $2000 as is?

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  • $1500 as is?

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  • $1000 as is?

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  • Fix and keep as extra?

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2006 Era YTH2448T with extras what is it worth?

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Okay, I have another thread that I mentioned this tractor in but now that I have another on order (Kubota BX2360) I need to sell my old one.

This has the lack of power up hills hydro problem, a sloppy brake pedal that I put a bungie on to keep it from dragging, a slightly ripped seat and numerous scratches. Sounds like a peach doesn't it :fing20:

The engine is top notch 100% synthetic oil changes, all logged in sharpie under the hood noting hours and date. Btw - just less than 300 hours.

It does have a triple hard bagger attachment, mulch kit, gator blades, the stock set brand new and a Bercomac 700374 44" manual lift blower.

I paid just north of $4K for the whole thing. About $2200 for the Husky parts and $2000 for the blower.


Should I attempt a fix? Pull it apart and repair the hydro? Have it fixed for $1000 and then sell it?
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