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2004 GT 5000 mower deck spindle removal

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hello and good morning---new member & 1st post.

2004 GT 5000 25hp - discharge side mower deck spindle removal and replacement.

Complete spindle and pulleys are being replaced. I can loosen the Top Flange lock center nut approx. 3 revolutions and all other components, i.e., blade, stripper mandrel, deck bolts, etc. Need help and guidance.

Is there a method to remove this flanged lock nut beyond the 1st three threads or is it shear muscle power?

Advice needed.

By the way 5 days ago the Keeper Assembly Plate (that mounts and holds clutch in place) with the (welded drop-down pin) that prevents electric clutch from spinning; tore the pin (welded pin intack) completely away from the plate (sheared the metal plate causing pin to float freely and thus tearing the wires completely out of the electric clutch assembly. Very expensive, gosh that plate is a rather thin gage metal stamping. To me, it appears to be a factory assembly defect (loose plate bolts) never noticed any noise or rattles, nonetheless it is out of warranty 2004 garden tractor.

At the same time, I had all belts relaced, and now, discharge side spindle has completely failed. I will order all new parts including the 2 stacked pulleys.

Advice appreciated on removing this flanged top lock nut and any other tips on this spindle removal & relacement.

Thanks GT2
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Not to be concerned.

Upper bearing totally destroyed balls and races in many, many pieces and upper housing mandrel was horridly elongated causing shaft to float while shaft threads were well rusted preventing nut removal.

Just applied a real heavy and steady torque to nut with pipe on breaker bar and worked it up and down 'til I broke through the rust. Total spindle needs
replacing, now ordering parts.

Thanks for a very good forum, looked at most of the 116 pages of threads very good stuff. Talk to all later.
A-OK ---engine2quarters, Thanks for the Welcome!!

Next phase when parts arrive, installation and making sure I install the belts

GT2 :thanku: :thanku:
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