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2003 GX345 ran diesel in the mower HELP!

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My Dad accidentally put 1 gallon of diesel in his GX345. I know, I know, its bad. we had a family reunion 2 weeks ago and someone put a little diesel in one of his spare cans to clean some water out a 4 wheeler. He ran it for a few minutes and it started producing "white smoke".

Okay he thinks he's got it out of the fuel lines and the gas tank. How does he get it out of the carb?

Please help.
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drain the bowl, spray the carb out with carb cleaner, and then run it it will stop smoking soon
Unfortunately the mower is 500 miles away. I need instructions on draining the bowl. I'd much rather my dad not take the carb off. We bought this mower for him last year and he doesn't really have the money to have it taken in to a service center.
My granson did same thing to my mower.We drained tank,filled up with gas,ran it.Eventually stopped smoking,no damage.
She will just burn it off, just fire it up and go cut the yard. The fuel bowl doesnt hold that much fuel, wont take long for it to burn thru that and get fresh gas in there. The remaining diesel just gives it a bit of top end lube! Much like a 2 stroke. Wont hurt anything other than the local bug population. Now putting gas in a diesel is real bad. Mike
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Be thankful the government has not mandated catalytic converters for lawn and garden tractors.
Stash; Hush!!! One of the idiots over at EPA is libel to read this thread..:sidelaugh :sidelaugh
tell him to fill it up with fresh gas and run it. it will clean everythign up good, though it will smoke like crazy.
He cleaned all the lines and the tank out. Now it doesn't seem to be able to pull fuel from the tank to the pump. Do the lines need to be filled with fuel?

I suspect the fuel pump may need replacement which is part of the problem. Its extremely cold natured and won't move at idle without dieing, stumbles when trying to throttle up. It must be choked when warm to restart.

Should the lines need to be primed with fuel?
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he can put a little fresh gas in teh carb and it should prime up. but normally the pump will prime it up after a few seconds even with out doing that. i have had to keep adding gas for a few seconds to a minute before until the lines prime back up.
Well I found out today that he blew air through the fuel pump. He didn't know any better. We ordered him a new pump, it was only $30, and I was worried it was soft and could run the engine lean anyway.
He went to alot more trouble than he needed to. A little diesel left in the tank and lines would not have hurt anything.
I agree with Farmer, Diesel in a gas job (small amounts) not too bad.. Gasoline in a Diesel... VERY bad!
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