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2002 Silverado Brake Issues

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Hello! I'm new to this truck forum, but probably won't be posting much, but I ran into a issue. I was out mowing lawns one day to when a chirper went off in the rear disc brakes. I went to Oriley, bought the standard Brake Best rotors and mid grade pads, which are CERAMICS, and proceeded to put them on, when I got them on, I started to drive it and then I heard constant squeak from the left side and squeak when braking on the right. I took them off switched around the pads and made sure they had brake quiet on them, then put them back in. Still squeak. So I found out my right brake caliper was sticking, and then replaced both in the back. Then I found out the right rear brake line was bad, so I replaced that. (All from Oriley, all brake best brand) now both sides constantly squeak after 2 days of driving, and then get louder when I step on the brake. Both rotors have 1-2 lines in them and they only have about 1 week of about 30 miles a day. So not that long. I talked to the guys at Orileys, and they have a very experienced guy I'm going to talk to tomorrow after school. I wanted to get your guys' inputs on this issue.

One separate thing I also did was replaced the rear axle seals, a week ago when I originally did the brakes.

I'm going to get other pads tomorrow to try to resolve this. Either a Wagner Thermo-Quiet Ceramics or the Brake Best Select Semi-Metalic pads. What's your opinion between semi metallic and ceramic, and also about my issues?
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I only use the AutoZone Duralast Gold pads now- I had bad results with most others whether it was dusting heavily, fading badly, or squeaking constantly- I used to be a NAPA guy, but their best metallic pads let me down a couple times with fading badly on heavy braking. My avalanche and my 2003 sierra both had Duralst Gold all the way round, and it made a big difference- I also run them in my wifes Kia Sorento, and that thing will blow your eyes out of their sockets when you stab the brakes hard!
did you set the squeaker tabs so they do not hit the rotors

they won't hit the rotors until the pads are 3/4 worn out. If they rub out of the box, something is wrong
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