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2000 Instrument Replacement

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Ford 2000; 3 cyl. gas; 4/1 Trans.... I've gotten my tractor back from a tuneup and new tires all around and would like to replace the three round instruments that were set in the 'dash' (they are below the rectangular instrument cluster). At some time the original instruments were abandoned and someone neatly punched three holes in the metal to hold round ammeter, temp gauge and oil pressure gauges. They have deteriorated so it's time to replace them. See photo.

I can't get to the backs of the instruments from below so will have to take off some or all of the metal cowling to get to the attachments and connections. Is it feasible to remove just the lower left metal panel with the switch in it and leave the top 'dash' in place? Anyone have a description of how to do this?

Looks like I have a replacement alternator so am wondering if there is a way to determine RPM's on this tractor? Any instruments that can do this without the original equipment?

Many thanks.


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Even though there's what looks like a seam between the lower and upper dash panels, I believe that they must be removed as a single unit.

There are many after market tachometers available for gasoline engines that use a spark sensor of one sort or another. Here's one:

Tiny Tach
Bummer, looks like more unbolting than I was hoping for. Might as well replace the light switch also if I have to take both lower panel off.

Thanks for the link for the Tiny Tach. I've emailed them to see which model they would recommend for my tractor. Will report back.
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