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2 wheel simplicity tractor

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hi guys i picked up a 2 wheel simplicity tractor with a briggs model 19. the motor has no spark plug wire and i havnt seen it hanging anywhere not sure if the mice got to it and took it. so my question is where is the coil on this so i can trace the wire and see what i need to complete it. also i plan on fliping this what do you guys think its worth not running and running here are a few pics once i have time to pull it out of the garage ill take more.

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I suspect if it's like most of the older briggs in this vintage, then it's likely to be found under the flywheel.
ok ill have to pull the shroud and fly wheel and check tomorrow
Those coils on the model 19 are tough to come by, and big bucks if you do. I convert mine to 12v on riders...easy to hide the 12v coil on those. Around here, walkers don't get much love. A non runner is scrap price up to MAYBE $40-50. A nice runner with a few attachments will sit at $200 on CL without selling.
well i found the spark plug wire it was under the shroud now i just have to try to get it running. do you guys think i would be better off selling the motor and tires than selling it as a whole
If you're not in a hurry I would try to sell the whole thing. If that fails, then you can pursue the alternative of parting it out.

Normally though, if folks want parts they will just buy the whole thing anyway.

But, if you're going to sell it as a parts unit, then I wouldn't invest any money into it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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