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2 wheel rotary plow won't turn

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this morning I engaged the rotary plow on my commercial 10A & it turned, 2 hours later it won't spin. the angle adjusting clamp is loose & I can see the entire gearbox rotate when I engage it but I can feel a clunk when it stops rotating. it feels like if I remove the adjusting clamp the whole gearbox would spin.
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Nothing stuck in the tines, right?

What do you see when you open the plug and look inside the gear case?
lower gearbox with tines is not installed. this is the upper gearbox only. weather permitting i'll look inside tomorrow.
Upper gearbox and lower gearbox? For rotary plow? I don't get it.
Rototiller has a second gearbox which bolts onto the rotary plow drive. Pretty sure we're just talking the latter here.

It's pretty unlikely for anything to get stuck in the rotary plow blades and stop the works; you'd see it. Really asked the question for completeness.

I've seen pix of units which have been neglected, and water got into the gearbox. Those generally aren't presented as "it was working, then quit". Sounds like this one was working ok, then something caused the gears to jam up. If nothing is obviously wrong when looking into the gearbox, my next suggestion is going to be to pull it off the tractor, and try to free it up by turning the drive backwards. Then once it's freed up, turn by hand to inspect the gears and try again to see what caused it to wedge up.
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this is the upper gearbox only. tiller is not installed. the rotary plow blade is not installed. should have mentioned that. i'll pull it & see what's up. I also have another gearbox I can install & rule out the tractor. it's snowing again so it will be a few days before I can do that.
Ah! I guess I was a little slow on catching on. I was just picturing a rotary plow -not with the cultivator. I shouldn't read and respond to anything after 9 at night. LOL!
I'm glad there are more with it people on here.
Other thing is this time of year could be frozen water inside it too. (ice)
i'm aware of water issues. but like I said the drive in the ctr. of the box was spinning normally & 3hours later was locked up. i'm suspecting gear failure.
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