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2 speed rear swap

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Has anyone tried putting a 2 sp into an old 300 series. 300 -318

Do you add something to the existing trans axle, or swap out the whole works and rework whatever it takes to fit ?
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Lots of people have swapped 2 speed diffs from 420/430s into the open frame 300 series like 318s, 322, 332. AFAIK there is no such swap for the earlier closed frame 300 like the 300, 314, 317. The contemporary 400 series of that vintage has a totally different rear. So I guess you need to specify which model you have and we can point you in the right direction :fing32:
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Don't have a tractor yet. I'm looking and weighing options for what I would like, what's available and what mods can be made.
300 and 317 can be found much cheaper than a 318 around here.

So does that mean a 300 or 317 cant be modified or it just hasn't been done ?

Could a 420 rear be put into a refabbed 317 frame ?
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