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2 piece hubs for pullies?

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Around 2004 I bought a big pulley to put on the Vanguard engine on my first Toro 117 Groundsmaster. This pulley had 5, yes 5 V grooves for V belts. Yes I don't know what I was thinking. It fit on the shaft with this 2 piece hub. Is it called a compression hub? If not what is the right name?
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QD bushings and sheaves.

That 5 groove monster could double as a flywheel. It's certainly heavy enough.
That 5 groove pulley cost me $100 back in 2004 and barely fit between the Vanguard 16 and the side of the frame. Maybe I should sell that pulley as I have no use for it that I could even think of.
Five groove pulleys aren't too popular an item for Joe average home owner, more of an industrial item.

Check with the local machine shops for a potential buyer.
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