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2 new deeres

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i picked up a jd 111 and a 212. paid 150 for both of em, i think i got a good deal, believe i will make my money back if i have to part em out, dont want to do that. both motors rotate though. the 212 has the k301 which i believe would be a 12 horse, paint is a little faded but looks restorable, also has what i believe to be a 46 or 48 inch deck. that 111 has a briggs on it. what confuses me though, is the motor has a fuel tank on top and the body of the tractor has a fuel tank under the seat. was one of them replaced at one point in time ? also, what would be the easiest way to get replacement decals for both of them ?
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Nice find. :trink39::wwp::wwp:
Congrats and we need some pics please. slkpk
The tank under the seat is the original setup. I guess a PO could have been having trouble getting fuel to the motor and just added a different tank. At any rate the factory motor was an 11 horse briggs without a gas tank on it.
Actually the early model 111 had the tank above the motor - the later model put the tank under the seat. I'd guess you'll have to find out how it is being fed now - perhaps they changed the motor and didn't have a fuel pump as the newer model did so they put the tank in - or the fuel pump went bad and they put it in... lots of reasons for the 2 tanks - might even be the under seat tank leaked and it was easier to replace with the under hood one...

Before you spend a lot of time on the 111 you might want to raise the rearend and take a look for holes etc... they are know to throw the gears when stressed.
What is the serial # of your 111. SN 095001-190000 uses the under hood tank.Pic 1. SN 190001- uses the rear tank under seat deck.pic 2.


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